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How it works

You probably know what Dandiaa is, but how does it work? How can you utilize this service and for what specific needs? There are two specific transportation needs that Dandiaa can work as a solution for; Safari transport and events transport outside Nairobi.

Dandiaa: Your Safari planner

If you have been on Safari in Kenya, you are probably aware of the huge cost implications that follow. Most of the decent hotels charge from USD 100 per night upwards, government park fees range from KES 1000 – KES 7200 per day depending on citizenship, and the cost of driving hundreds of kilometers credits whatever remains on your payment card. With Dandiaa, you can reduce those costs by a great margin.

By posting your plans on Dandiaa, you increase your likelihood to connect with other travellers who share a similar itinerary. If you can marshall a group of 8 persons – which matches the maximum number of seats permitted on a standard safari vehicle – we can introduce you to hundreds of freelance tour guides and drivers, only this time, you get to decide how much you should pay them. If you prefer self-driving, you can also save money by auctioning your empty seats.

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Dandiaa: Your ride to events.

Out of town events can be quite an expense, they also can be a boring affair if driving alone. And with our public transportation system wanting, there is a clear need for a better, safer transportation option, which is affordable, flexible and fun! Using Dandiaa, you can create exactly that all by yourself.

Next time you drive to the Rift valley festival in Naivasha or a rugby match in Nakuru, bring somebody with you, not only will this save you some money, but you will also create some friends before arriving at the party. Through Dandiaa, you can choose whether to play chauffeur or play passenger, which means that the only decision you have to make is how many beers you’ll down without necessarily having to worry about driving home. Make sure to read these safety procedures before deciding to pass out on someone’s back seat though.

Using the website

The website’s first page displays a search function that enables users to enter details regarding the trip, this data is then carefully matched with information from other travellers from our database and the relevant results are displayed. In the event where there is no matching data, the user has an option of either posting new plans or changing the travel dates.

The first snippet of information to be displayed includes users names, gender and age as well as important trip details such as departure and destination dates, places and the asking price for available seats. If logged in, users are thereafter connected by the exchange of mobile phone numbers and an email address. pretty easy, right?

Get started

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