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Value for money wildebeest migration safari at the Maasai Mara

Disclaimer: I am under the assumption we all know what the wildebeest migration is, if you don’t, please read this nice article first.

Each year, thousands of tourists – both international and domestic, dash to the Masai Mara to witness more than a million wildebeests crossing over Mara river as they embark on their migratory journey back to the Serengeti. The wildebeest’s dilemma is caused by the presence of Lions on land and crocodiles in the water. This as you can imagine, makes for amazing wildlife viewing.

It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact day when the wildebeests suddenly grow balls and attempt to cross over. However, the guys at discoverafrica have made it possible to track the wildebeests all the way from Tanzania by loading data received from pilots flying in the area on an interactive map, this map ; http://www.discoverafrica.com/herdtracker/ So before choosing when to travel, you might want to check out that link to increase your chances of witnessing the crossing over.

It’s normally considered peak season by hotels from June – October at the Masai Mara, which is the period when the migration happens. Hotels charge between 130 USD to 350 USD for rooms on full board basis. That’s why most people can only afford to stay for 2 nights, hence the famous 3 days 2 nights safari packages largely advertised by many tour operators. Transport is also a huge expense. To enter the park, you need a 4×4 van or jeep with a seasoned driver who has experience locating the animals which are very good at hiding. I’ll discuss this costs shortly. And finally you have the park fees; 80 USD per day for non-residents and KES 1200 for East African residents.

To hire a tour van costs KES 12000 a day and a 4×4 Landcruiser costs KES 22000 a day. Both vehicles can accommodate 8 persons comfortably excluding the driver. The problem is that most of the safari vehicles touring the Masai Mara travel with empty seats. We sometimes see vehicles carrying 2 or 3 passengers, others even 1 person. This means the safari costs more because the 3 persons or 2 persons end up paying a sum intended for 8 persons. More cars are also a nightmare when it comes to finding a good spot to view wildlife.

Tourists viewing wildlife

Too many cars. Tourists fighting for a spot to view the migration.

This is where we come in. This year, before driving off to the Masai Mara, visit dandiaa.com and auction off any empty seats in your car. If you need us to assist you in finding a group that best suits you or assist you in finding an affordable hotel or a vehicle for hire, simply fill out this form and we’ll sort you out in no time. We’ll do this at no charge to dandiaa subscribers and charge a KES 1000 to non-dandiaa subscribers. Subscribing is 100% free, click here to subscribe.

Contact us at: hello@dandiaa.com for more details.

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