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About us

Dandiaa is a meeting point for travellers interested in sharing transport. Through our website, anyone travelling anywhere in Kenya can meet up with persons with a similar – or almost matching – itinerary, swap contact information and take it from there offline.

On Dandiaa, users can share travel dates, places, descriptions of themselves and their planned trips, and most importantly, an inclusive budget for travel.

Case in point; you live in Nairobi and on weekends, you enjoy being in Naivasha, you own a car and have one or two empty seats each time you drive down. You can auction those 2 seats on Dandiaa, not only will you save money, you might also end up making good friends.

In case you’re wondering, our service is 100% free of charge for all individuals, we however display a few advertisements from professional tour firms which we think might interest our users, those advertisements only display when users search for particular dates and destinations, and are thoroughly curated to make sure that all information that’s displayed remains relevant to the search.


Hitchhiking has never been safe, this much we all know. At Dandiaa, your safety is our first concern. The list below contains 5 pieces of advice on how you can safeguard your safety and that of your intended travel partner.

  1. Meet up with your intended travel partner before committing to the idea of sharing transport. Meet in a public place, during the day, with friends you trust. Tell friends or family where you’re going and when you expect to be back.also remember to keep a positive attitude. It’s most likely that whoever you are meeting is a nice person but just as nervous as you are.
  2. Discuss all details regarding the trip before the first date of travel, If it’s a long trip which involves paying a large amount of money, you may want to sign some form of contract before making any payment.
  3. Exchange copies of your identification documents and verify ownership of a valid driving licence.
  4. Set some ground rules.
  5. Take a selfie together and post it on our Instagram page

Your Privacy

To subscribe to our service, we require that you share your phone number and email address with us. This two very important privacy tools are shared only to other users who intend to join your entourage and need to contact you. Tour firms are restricted from fishing for your data from Dandiaa and using it to contact you in any regard. As a user, if you ever receive a call or an email from a tour firm and you suspect it originated from our site, please report the name of the tour firm by sending an email to report@dandiaa.com.

You can read the entire privacy policy document here

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